How Can Startups Impress the Press?

Spreading the news for free would be nice, but it’s difficult

Uwe Weinreich
10 min readFeb 26, 2024


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This series is about how to invest time and money wisely in a startup. we must not forget the role of public relations (PR) and the press in particular.

Every startup founder has certainly dreamed of being mentioned on TV, in a newspaper, magazine or news portal with enormous reach.

I did! Almost every time I founded a company.

The idea that thousands or even millions of people can become aware of your business and at least some of them can become customers is enticing. This article will shed light on what is possible, what is not, how to be attractive to journalists and what to avoid at all costs.

Let’s start with ourselves.

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What an Entrepreneur Thinks

We don’t have enough money to run large-scale advertising campaigns. But we need to increase our customer base, earn money and create a brand that everyone knows.



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